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Curious Addys' Trading Club

Curious Addys' Trading Club (CATC) is a game designed to make it fun and effortless to learn about NFTs and crypto. Think of it as Duolingo for crypto.

CATC is carefully designed to teach new users how to buy crypto on exchanges, setup up a wallet, interact with smart contracts and NFTs, become crypto trading pros, and so much more, all while having fun playing a game.

Now, if you have friends who are curious about NFTs and crypto but are confused and don't know where to start, you can point them right here.

Enter the Trading Club

Our first major game in the CATC ecosystem is a virtual trading club, where players can simulate buying and selling real cryptocurrencies and NFTs risk-free.

Train and showcase your trading skills, and earn real rewards in the form of NFT drops and more. Earn even more rewards by helping newcomers trade.

Over time, we'll introduce more games designed to teach people how to master crypto and NFT trading. All of these games will reward CATC NFT holders - especially our earliest adopters.


The first 5,000

Most people only get into crypto with the help of a friend. That's why we're starting with 5,000 crypto experts like you to help us build the community.

Your first edition CATC NFT, strictly limited to 5,000 and never to be released again, shows you were here first and played a major part in making crypto and NFTs go mainstream. We want to recognize you for that!

To thank you for your help, you'll earn rare NFTs as a reward for inviting new players. These NFTs will confer special status and benefits in the game, and can be equipped by your Curious Addy to upgrade your art.

Launch Details

  • 5,000 first edition Curious Addys NFTs, never to be released again.
  • Mint price TBD closer to launch, fully 100% refundable via a refund function in our smart contract for 100 days following initial sale - first project to offer this as proof we're here to stay for the long run
  • Strict limits on NFTs per wallet address to ensure fair distribution
  • To avoid gas wars, public launch will use a first-come first-serve reservation system. Once your NFT is reserved, you will have at least 4 hours to mint the NFT, so you can wait until gas is low to do so.

You know how it is - 10k drop, people going wild left and right, website crashing, massive gas wars, whales winning it all minting directly from the smart contract.

That's not for us. We're looking for long term holders who engage in the community, not flippers. For that reason, NFTs are strictly limited per wallet address, and a large portion of the first edition CATC NFTs will be reserved in a whitelist for our earliest adopters and most supportive and engaged members on Twitter and Discord.

We've also designed mechanisms to avoid gas wars, ensure the project can scale to millions of users without diluting the collectible status of our permanently limited 10k first edition NFTs, and even instituted a 100% refund policy in our smart contract - a first ever. We believe in our project for the long run, and we know you will, too.

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Mai is a Japanese implant in America, steeped in manga and anime culture, which influences the design of CATC.

Previously, she was a senior engineer at a billion dollar Silicon Valley startup as well as Vice President of Marketing at Logbar, a Japanese startup that created the world's first handheld offline translation device.

She is passionate about bringing more women into the crypto space, and has shared her story on why women should always do what they don't think they're good at.


Ben is a Harvard dropout and received a Thiel Fellowship, an entrepreneurial program that also fostered Vitalik Buterin, creator of Ethereum.

Ben previously cofounded Stream, a blockchain project to better reward content creators, which raised $20 million and included the cofounder of YouTube as an investor.

He is also known for having written Cryptocurrency 101 and NFTs 101, the most comprehensive article ever written on NFTs. You may also recognize Ben from Nas Daily!


Ana is an OG cryptoartist and animator - she was making fan art of CryptoKitties years before NFTs were cool.

She's even part of, where Beeple used to contribute as an artist before he became an NFT centimillionaire and started this whole craze.

She's pretty much early on everything, and now she's early on making crypto mainstream at long last with her incredibly adorable art.



Zeneca_33 runs arguably the most respected newsletter in the NFT space, having shot to prominence and firmly established himself as a preeminent thought leader through an endless torrent of profound wisdom and analysis thoroughly backed by hard data and research.

With a following of over 95,000 NFT collectors and creators, Zeneca_33 has paved a road to success for countless participants in the NFT space with his meticulous research and advice. Of particular note, Zeneca_33 was one of the earliest proponents of Art Blocks, a project that has now become the clear dominant force and brand in generative art NFTs.

Nikil Viswanathan

Nikil Viswanathan is co-founder and CEO of Alchemy, the largest provider of infrastructure and developer tooling for Web3.

In just one year since public launch, Alchemy has skyrocketed to a$3.5 billion valuation in its bid to become the AWS of blockchain technology, and has singlehandedly enabled much of the breakneck pace of development in crypto and NFTs by making Web3 far more accessible than ever before to developers.

In his spare time, Nikil enjoys being one of the most eligible bachelors in all of America and also quite possibly the most ripped person in all of blockchain.

Joe Lau

Joe Lau is also co-founder and CTO of Alchemy and brings a wealth of technical Web3 expertise to the team.

Alchemy powers some of the largest projects in Web3, spanning everything from NFTs to DeFi - they provide infrastructure for everything from OpenSea and Axie Infinity to MakerDAO and SushiSwap and

Likewise, Alchemy's unparalleled technical expertise and tools have proven invaluable to Curious Addys.

A Forbes 30 under 30 honoree, Joe previously founded Down to Lunch with Nikil, a social app that reached #1 in ranking charts globally.

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